Part of Germany’s Schweiker Group since 2006, BE Bauelemente GmbH manufactures high-quality windows and doors at the Leopoldshöhe facility near Bielefeld. Regular investments to improve products and processes have helped the company to consolidate its position on the market and in 2020 BE Bauelemente obtained ISO 9001 certification.

With an increasing demand and a need to keep pace with the market, in 2022 the customer decided to invest in their first profile wrapping line for windows. Independency from third party suppliers enabled greater flexibility and shorter lead times.

Encouraged by the positive experience had by their supplier with Duespohl equipment, BE were confident in evaluating a Multiwrap Window for their production line in Leopoldshöhe. In order to be sure of providing a solution which answered all the customer’s needs, we gathered all the necessary information and configured the equipment to suit the key requirements: ease-of-use, safety, efficiency, cost-optimisation and consistent quality.

BE has been operating the Multiwrap Window successfully since 2022. The simple set-up procedures reduce downtimes and even beginners are able to manage the equipment without losing time. Systems governing primer dosing and adhesive application are so efficient that related costs have been reduced. With in-house profile wrapping capabilities, the customer is now independent and able to respond better to the market’s demands.

Close partnership was the key to shaping the perfect solution

Thomas Bohnenkamp, Head of Production at BE, remembers the excellent kick-off to the project and how we paid close attention to their real needs. "At the beginning of the project, the Duespohl Sales Engineer asked us exactly what our requirements were and visited our production site. Using all the available information, Duespohl defined the ideal profile wrapping line.”

We configured Multiwrap Window with solutions to help BE produce efficiently and safely. The line was designed to make it easy to use for beginners. For example, DigiApp ensures the correct primer dosing for each profile. The central width adjustment helps the operators to reduce set-up times while the foil heating system improves process safety and helps to lower costs for adhesive.

Since Duespohl not only offers machinery, but solutions, the project included training by skilled service technicians. On-site training lasted a full two and a half weeks to make sure operators were confident with all the features provided.

“Even after that training period, when we had questions, they helped us quickly", Bohnenkamp recalls.

"All in all, Duespohl were always extremely cooperative and were excellent partners. Today the BE team is able to operate the line independently, benefiting from the improved capacity, process efficiency and quality of the product."
Thomas Bohnenkamp - Head of Production at BE


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