December last year saw the installation of a new Agfa Jeti Tauro 3300 UHS print machine at Exeter-based POS printer, CP Arts. It’s the third Agfa machine purchased by the business and the best yet according to Director John Skudder.

A loyal supporter of Agfa since 2012, CP Arts is now on their third Agfa wide format print engine and this one was key to satisfying the demand of their growing business. As this latest Tauro machine was specified with a UV varnish function, it also renders their last screen print machine redundant.
“I had always thought that I would retire before the screen process was decommissioned at CP Arts, but that’s not now the case.” Said John.
“Traditionally a screen business, we purchased our first large format screen print machine in the 1970s and first dipped our toe in the water with a digital wide format press the Fuji Spider. In early 2000 we recognised screen was a declining process and kept an eye on the digital machines in the marketplace at that time. When we thought it was the right time to buy, being such a substantial investment, we consulted with particular clients to assess their views on the best quality test prints we had been provided and they were from the Agfa M Press Leopard, which we purchased in 2012. It was an amazing machine albeit over-engineered at that time, but it was the start of our long-term relationship with Agfa.
We then purchased one of the first Agfa Tauro machines in 2017 and whilst the print quality was outstanding at the time, and it took further work from our screen lines, it is only this year that we feel ready to decommission our final screen print line. Our second Tauro was installed in December as a direct replacement for our first Tauro machine, 30% increase in production capability and with varnish facility it has freed up a significant amount of space and reduced energy consumption.
"Our second Tauro was installed as a direct replacement for our first Tauro machine, 30% increase in production capability and with varnish facility it has freed up a significant amount of space and reduced energy consumption."
CP Arts was founded by Chris Price in 1972. Chris, a talented artist started silk screen printing in volume when he acquired the business of Owen, a prestigious department store with a branch based in Coventry. For many years they serviced all this store’s POS requirements and established a reputation for quality design and print. Their business offered creative solutions from their internal design team and versatility and flexibility. Over the years more Retail brands came on board across the UK and Europe and they outgrew two premises before settling in their current home in 2002 in Marsh Barton, a 24,000 sq ft facility now employing 32 staff. John, one of the Directors, is celebrating 20 years with the business this year.
The latest Agfa Jeti Tauro 3300 UHS was installed in their facility at the end of December 2023. It is traditionally a very busy time for CP Arts, and as it was replacing their previous Tauro machine, the installation needed to be quick causing minimal disruption. The process took place over a weekend and was completed in four days. They praised the work of the Agfa engineers, one of whom, Howard, has serviced their business since 2012, and of James Argent from Agfa, who has supported them throughout the buying process.
They had specified the machine on a visit to Agfa in Belgium, testing jobs and shown the results as previously to one of their key customers who has been with them on the whole digital journey. Everyone agreed that they should remain with Agfa and that this replacement was the right way to go. Overall, the downtime was minimal and the increased productivity and varnish option gave the business even more flexibility in production.
The Agfa Jeti Tauro H3300 is a UV LED wide-format inkjet printer range for rigid and flexible media. They are heavy-duty printers that easily handle extreme workloads, multiple-shift operation and 24/7 printing. Thanks to the rapid UV LED curing and the low ink usage of their GREENGUARD inks, it also offers ecological benefits that help print businesses lower their carbon footprints. The UHS model within CP Arts offers 6 colours plus white and primer and has 8 rows of print heads and 8 CMYK colour bars. It also includes varnish as a feature and this process is not only quicker but much more energy efficient than the screen printer that was previously used in CP Arts for high gloss work.
Final word from James Nicholls, Production Manager at CP Arts: “This was a substantial investment and with technology moving at pace, we have to depreciate the asset over a short period, so it’s a large commitment. It has been functional for 3 months and the reliability, speed and quality are impressive. For any investment, we look for a long-term relationship and are happy with Agfa and intend to stay with them. Since purchasing the new machine, we have gained additional business that we would not have won without it. When we clear the space made by our multi-colour screen line, we may well be looking to order a further Tauro machine.”


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