At SXSW 2024, the session titled 'Bridging the Gap Between In-Game and Digital Engagement' showcased the evolving relationship between sports and technology.

The panel, enriched by WNBA legend and LootMogul investor Lisa Leslie, alongside industry leaders Andrew Yaffe (NBA), Paul Liberman (DraftKings), and Myles Kleeger (Braze), delved into the transformative role of digital innovations in enhancing fan and brand engagement.

The involvement of industry leaders underscored the multidimensional nature of fan engagement, from social media strategies to e-commerce and beyond. Their insights highlighted the crucial role of technology in creating a seamless bridge between fans' in-game experiences and digital interactions, offering a template for future engagement strategies. They shared strategies for sports brands and investors to captivate audiences, highlighting the session as a pivotal discussion on revolutionizing fan interactions with sports brands.

LootMogul's business venture, as underscored by Leslie's involvement, illustrates the potential of combining sports achievements with technological advancements to enhance engagement and create a sustainable business model. The platform's focus on rewarding fans with real-world value for their digital engagement sets a new standard for how sports metaverses can operate, providing tangible benefits to fans, athletes, and investors alike.

This session at SXSW 2024 served as a beacon for the future of sports and entertainment, signaling a shift towards more interactive, engaging, and rewarding fan experiences. As sports brands and investors look towards the horizon, the insights shared by Leslie and her fellow panelists offer a roadmap for navigating the evolving landscape of sports technology and fan engagement, making it a seminal moment for all stakeholders in the sports industry.

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