Azonprinter is a Croatian digital printer manufacturer. Azon produces its digital printers according to the highest standard.

One of the greatest novelties on the market is Azon’s Edge UV Braille digital printer. Azon launched this Braille Edition printer on the 3rd of April 2023. It is printing according to the ADA Standard.
Azon uses excellent Avery Dennison inks, with which it builds up to 5 layers in one pass. The printer is A3 (Desktop sized), and can print up to 13 cm in height. This is the smallest UV printer in the Azon’s product portfolio.
Azon also manufactures other sizes of UV Braille enabled printers for more industrial use (Razor, Matrix Series, …)
Public buildings and services should be accessible to everybody - there are laws requiring it, depending on your location - and that includes clear signage. The production of tactile signs, for example with Braille text, is a growing market and the one that sign and graphics businesses are perfectly placed to enter. Azon has developed solutions ideal for these applications. Azon LED UV printers build up layers of gloss and white ink to create textures, raised designs and Braille text. Using digital technology, print businesses can produce durable Braille writing with required sizes and spaces, quickly and cost-effectively, on an extraordinary variety of materials. Choose from Azon's range of UV printers, from A3 format devices to super-sized machines, to find the right system for you. Since Braille is not the same in each part of the world, Azon RIP software can be adjusted to cover any standard required. Dot sizes and spaces together with following icons can be printed in different height relative to the required standard (example is ADA Braille, grade 1, grade 2 ....). Azon RIP software can provide Braille translator in many different languages and alphabets like Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Greek, Welsh ....


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