Trotec and Bodyvision enable high-precision production of environmentally friendly Reusable textiles for Hygiene and Incontinence via laser cutting process

Bodyvision, innovation company for textile solutions, cooperates with Trotec, leading manufacturer of laser cutting machines, to produce underwear products with high precision. Bodyvision produces environmentally friendly reusable textiles for safe absorption and storage of liquids, addressing different industries: Functional Underwear, Clinics and Hospitals, Sportswear and Workwear, Military, Pet Accessories, Transportation and Automotive.
The founders of Bodyvision, Ann-Catherin Büschkens-Götz and David Götz, explain their decision to rely on laser technology: "High speed with low waste on the one hand, the elimination of tool maintenance and tool replacement on the other, says David. For Ann-Catherin, the resulting safety at work and sustainability for people and the environment are relevant.
Trotec Laser Manager Alexander Kattner names a key unique selling point of his systems: "Non-contact work - simple and self-explanatory."


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