Keypoint Intelligence, the global data and market intelligence leader for the digital imaging industry, has unveiled its 2022-2027 Global DTF Forecast, a comprehensive analysis dedicated to the Direct-to-Film (DTF) market. This forecast is designed to reveal the projected growth and dynamics of the DTF industry, offering an intuitive analysis and insight.

Since its inception, the DTF industry has shown tremendous growth. However, it is not without its challenges. This first-ever forecast is an essential guide for navigating this dynamic landscape. It offers a deep dive into the DTF market's current state and future growth outlook, equipping stakeholders with strategic insights to harness opportunities and avoid potential risks. Through expert analysis of DTF printers, inks, and technology platforms, the report provides a comprehensive view of hardware placements, installed base, print volume and value, and other key metrics to arm decision-makers with the information they need to make informed decisions.

This forecast is not just a collection of data and expert insights; it's an indispensable guide for creating and implementing strategies built upon impactful revenue-based decisions in the evolving DTF market. "In an industry as dynamic and fast-paced as direct-to-film printing, staying ahead requires not just insight, but foresight,” comments Johnny Shell, Principal Analyst for Keypoint Intelligence’s Textile & Apparel Printing Advisory Service. “The 2022-2027 Global DTF Forecast offers a detailed assessment of the DTF market. It goes beyond mere analysis; it seeks to equip our clients and stakeholders with the vision to anticipate change, embrace innovation, and make decisions that not only respond to the market as it is today but also shape it for tomorrow."

Available for purchase individually or through a subscription to Keypoint Intelligence's advisory services, this report promises to deliver unmatched perspectives on the future of the DTF industry. Keypoint Intelligence’s Textile & Apparel Printing Advisory Service offers ongoing market information and timely insights.


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