With our surface finishing applications, our pressing and laminating lines and the systems for XPS and EPS processing, we offer a wide range of solutions for different industries. The advantage for BÜRKLE customers is that they can rely on the highest level of engineering competence, accompanied by customer-specific advice.

Rolled and cast coating
Well thought out down to the smallest detail: BÜRKLE painting systems
While the wishes and design requirements of your customers are subject to constant change, the demand on your end products remains the same: perfection down to the smallest detail. With our roller coating machines, we offer you a wide range of technologies and customer-specific system concepts for coating your end products in the best possible quality. In combination with our handling and drying systems, you benefit from complete systems from a single source.
Spray coating
Mature coating technology: Spray painting systems from BÜRKLE
As a producer of furniture, wood-based panels, kitchens, doors or flooring, you fulfil your customers' desire for a sophisticated and high-quality design. Our non-contact spray painting technology also enables you to paint non-planar workpieces with an optimal surface result. In addition, we offer you comprehensive know-how for a modern production system with our individually adaptable handling and drying systems.
Gravure and multi-colour printing
Indirect gravure and multi-colour printing with BÜRKLE
New designs, surfaces and ever-evolving end customer demands determine your markets. For this, you need flexible, reliable and high-quality machines that adapt individually to your requirements. With our indirect rotogravure technologies and the corresponding printing machines, we enable you to create customised systems for the production of decorated and structured surfaces.
Reliable partners: Laminating lines and laminators from BÜRKLE
BÜRKLE laminating lines and laminators stand for continuous development and quality. Therefore, our customers from the PCB, plastic card, glass or photovoltaic industry benefit from reliable technology and comprehensive process competence.
Printed circuit boards
Laminating systems for the production of printed circuit boards
The automated production of printed circuit boards and base material places high demands on the laminating technology: These include, among others, the consideration of temperature, the pressing force and the board parallelism. BÜRKLE customers benefit not only from customised plant design and optimised laminating processes but also from a well thought-out laminating concept with high output and quality.
Plastic cards
Laminating systems for plastic card production
Credit cards, ID cards as well as conventional and contactless cards: Our state-of-the-art technologies for the production of plastic cards enable us to master the everyday processes and challenges in the production of cards of all kinds. With the modular design of our SMARTLAM laminating lines, we offer customers an individual line design for small to large production capacities. Your production requirements are comprehensively met and implemented by our SMARTLAM line.
Solar modules
Laminators for the production of solar modules
The environmentally friendly generation of energy requires the development of new technologies and application possibilities. However, not only the development of these technologies, but also increasingly efficient production processes will be necessary in the future. Therefore, the focus of our SL and VFF processes for the production of glass-backsheet and glass-glass modules is on the most efficient and high-quality lamination of photovoltaic modules.
Technical glasses
Laminators for laminated glass (VSG/VG), smart windows and BIPV
Whether in the field of security, sound insulation, building construction or with multi-media functionalities - the wide range of applications for laminated glass sets itself no limits. With the inline flat lamination process we have developed, we are taking up this idea and have developed an autoclave-free process innovation in the field of laminated glass. In this way, we guarantee our customers fast lamination with short cycle times and low energy consumption at the highest possible quality.
Designed for the special: Press lines from BÜRKLE
BÜRKLE press lines offer a wide range of processes for pressing different materials and components. With this versatility, our presses are known throughout the industry. From single and multi-daylight presses to stand-alone presses and semi- or fully-automated press lines, BÜRKLE offers you the right solution for every requirement.
Cross laminated timber
Press lines for the production of cross laminated timber (BSP/CLT)
The changes in society towards the conservation of resources and the advancing technical development are moving the use of wood back into the focus of construction projects. For the production of multi-layered BSP elements, BÜRKLE supplies you with plants including infeed, laying area, gluing, press and stacking.
Caravan and sandwich elements
Pressing plants for caravan and sandwich elements
Due to the individual fields of application of sandwich elements, you as a manufacturer of caravan elements or lightweight panels need press systems that ensure the smooth pressing of a wide variety of materials. Our large-format presses have been specially developed for the production of sandwich elements and offer you optimum production conditions thanks to industry-specific features.
Flooring - Parquet
Parquet production: press systems that set standards
Due to its characteristic of wanting to adapt to its environment, the natural material wood tends to change depending on temperature and weather conditions. For this reason, various types of construction and production methods have always been used to compensate for the natural behaviour of wood. As one of the pioneers in the development of fully integrated production lines, we are aware of these challenges in parquet production and our systems enable top quality for two- or three-layer parquet.
Lightweight boards
Press lines for lightweight board production
Lightweight boards are used in a wide range of applications in the furniture industry because they guarantee stability and are lightweight at the same time. Our lay-up and press lines offer versatile possibilities for the production of lightweight panels for all frame configurations and solutions for integrated assembly.
Panel-shaped materials
Press lines for panel-shaped materials
The production of panel-shaped materials with different coating materials, carrier boards and glues requires press lines with a wide range of technologies. Our single and multi-daylight presses for full-size or cut-to-size panels provide our customers with a wide range of solutions for the production of their end products.
Highly developed press technology for door production
Doors are in constant use in everyday life. Not only in the living area, but especially in public buildings, properties for heavy-duty use are required. Leading the way in the most important developments in the industrial production of doors, we help our customers to compete in tomorrow's markets with advanced production technologies today.
Perfection down to the smallest detail: our laminating systems
The range of applications of our versatile cold and thermal laminating lines includes hot melt lamination as well as lamination with water-based or combined glue systems. With the modular design of our technologies, we at BÜRKLE offer our customers not only modern standard solutions, but also individual plant planning and conception.
Hotmelt Lamination
Laminating lines for hotmelt lamination
Lamination is one of the oldest processes for the continuous surface finishing of wood. The use of PUR hot melt adhesives offers a wide range of bonding possibilities for different materials such as paper, foils and laminates. The surface results range from high gloss to super matt. With laminating systems from BÜRKLE, we offer you a wide range of products from small to large production capacities.
Water-based and combined gluing systems
Laminating lines for water-based and combined glue systems
The surface finishing of chipboard, MDF and hardboard is one of our specialities. In addition to cost-efficient lamination with water-based glue systems, our thermal and cold lamination systems also offer the possibility of processing modern glue systems such as hotmelts, PO and EVA. Together with our automation systems, we offer you innovative laminating technologies for small and large plants.
XPS and EPS processing
Thermobonding and downstream equipment for rigid foam insulation boards
BÜRKLE thermobonding lines enable the welding of insulation boards on one or both sides with state-of-the-art solutions. Our portfolio includes not only thermobonding, but also handling, feeding and stacking as well as processing of insulation board surfaces and edges.
State-of-the-art technology: Thermobonding systems from BÜRKLE
The use of insulation boards to reduce the energy demand of new or existing buildings is an important part of environmental and climate targets. With the thermobonding plants, BÜRKLE creates the possibility for you in the production of insulation boards to produce insulation boards with excellent insulating properties and at the same time smaller insulation board thicknesses.
Sawing and cutting
Precise workpiece lengths: Sawing and cutting with BÜRKLE
Whether in continuous or discontinuous processes: When dividing your continuous products, increase efficiency and flexibility in your production process with saws and cutters from BÜRKLE. Benefit from machines that are adapted to your performance requirements and are based on robust design, modern technology and intelligent process sequences.
Milling and profiling
High-quality surfaces: Milling and profiling with BÜRKLE
The processing of extruded insulation boards for exact thicknesses and dimensions is our speciality in the field of XPS and EPS processing. The BÜRKLE milling machines for profiling and pre-edging of insulation boards, in combination with the BÜRKLE vacuum transport technology, enable you to achieve high surface quality and accuracy. Our systems offer you individually applicable technologies for all requirements around milling and profiling.
Cooling and stacking
Optimum handling: Cooling and stacking with BÜRKLE
Handling systems for the production of insulation boards accelerate your production processes and additionally promote the reliability as well as the safety of your processes. Automate your production with cooling, stacking or drying systems from BÜRKLE that adapt to your performance requirements and handling tasks. Our systems impress with their intelligent control technology and proven design.
Robotics and automation
System automation through robotics
The demands on production systems in terms of flexibility and space requirements have been in the focus of you and our customers for years. To meet these requirements, we are pioneers in the integration of robot technology. The advantage for you: By integrating robotics via our SIEMENS control concept, your employees do not require any in-depth knowledge of robotics.


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