The Toni Kroos Academy is known as the heart project and company of Toni Kroos, footballer at Real Madrid, where he works passionately every day to bring out the best in children and young people who are passionate about sport and soccer.

The company launched a global digital football school as a free training app in 2021 and now coaches more than one million enthusiastic app users around the world. Since 2022, the digital and real worlds have been linked and the company offers additional support through physical football coaching camps and coaching days throughout Germany.
Everything is based on the vision of the dedicated soccer player "to motivate children and young people to get moving and play sport, to discover the fun of soccer and cohesion within the community and to support and encourage the young generations in the best possible way - regardless of their age, gender or performance level".
The Toni Kroos Academy is known as the heart project and Toni Kroos wants to live up to his social responsibility as a public figure with his soccer school and use his reach and fame to motivate children and young people all over the world to go out and play sport.
The Academy is pursuing two approaches: The free training app with individual exercises specially selected and shown by Toni, Go Actives to track your own progress, community areas where you can upload your own training videos and share them with the community, and individual feedback from Toni and the Academy coaches to help you improve your skills on a daily basis.
The Academy's other approach is to offer physical coaching days and vacation camps to bring together children and young people from all over Germany to meet and train together, make friends and, above all, discover the fun of sport and create great memories.
"I am not only behind the project with my name, but also with my full commitment," Toni emphasizes, "nowadays it is so important to promote children and young people, to support diversity and also girls'/women's soccer in order to improve the future of the coming generations a little bit every day with a sense of social responsibility and sustainability aspects."
These projects, which are primarily characterized by the sustainability aspect, gave rise to the idea of a partnership with Kornit Digital, a global leader in the on-demand production of sustainable fashion and the vision of redefining the future of "fashion tech".
The company asks itself the important question: "What if we only create what we really want and waste nothing?". The answer lies in the ambition of the company, which has been in existence since 2002, to "drive the transition of the textile industry to sustainable on-demand production and connect supply and demand - whenever and wherever it is needed".
The possibility of sustainable printing on our training kits immediately caught our attention. We were immediately fascinated by the technology and after an uncomplicated and very convincing pitch, we confidently handed over the printing for our young participants' kits to Kornit.
Chris Govier (President Kornit Digital) emphasizes how important it is for Kornit to not only showcase their own unique technology with the partnership, but also to support the vision that Toni Kroos has created with his Academy. "We see sport as a great way to promote our future vision of a better and more sustainable environment for generations to come. We can help children develop a better understanding of how their clothes are produced and have fun doing sports at the same time. This is a great combination of collaboration for us".
We can only agree with this and are grateful to have gained such a partner for us. We look forward to making a positive impact on sustainable printing in the sports industry.


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