Based in Barcelos, Portugal, Wonder Raw was founded to empower apparel designers with the capabilities to customize and fulfill their garment creations, without requiring the expertise or significant investments normally associated with bringing one’s product line to market. A critical barrier had often been the necessity of minimum order quantities, which entail considerable upfront investment and inventory risk.

In some cases, Wonder Raw’s customers will upload their own imagery to an online portal for the print provider to replicate. In others – “commission” printing – the company will produce a strike-off for the customer, and when the customer approves, they will produce the desired inventory to be sold.
“We wanted to be like a ramp-up platform for them,” says Luis Oliveira, the company’s CEO, who ultimately found Kornit’s sustainable, on-demand production capabilities were “the best fit for our plans.”
Among other key attributes, Oliveira found Kornit delivered strong, reliable, consistent print results with superior color fastness, an ability to imprint white inks on dark materials, and a quick setup procedure that minimized downtime for the machines.
Wonder Raw initially implemented Kornit Atlas MAX for digital direct-to-garment production efficiency, soon adding a second Atlas MAX system as well as Kornit Presto MAX for single-step digital direct-to-fabric (roll-to-roll) embellishment, enabling the business to imprint both finished goods and whole-cloth fabrics as needed. Each system can be operated with a single laborer, delivering ready-to-ship materials within minutes.
“With Atlas MAX, we aim to print the best possible designs for both brands and our business of helping designers go to market with their own garments,” says Oliveira. “When it comes to Presto MAX, the focus is much more on the commission printing for other garment makers – though obviously we are also using it for our core business. With a small amount of work, you can easily go into production with a high result.”
The Atlas MAX system has provided Oliveira’s business a low-maintenance, easily operated mechanism for high-resolution graphics to support demanding fashion fulfillment, though he notes the technology’s versatility means “we are not limited to the fashion business.”
Oliveira praised the many Kornit teams supporting his business throughout their partnership, in particular citing Kornit’s Customer Success team and its efforts to ensure Wonder Raw achieves the greatest possible return on their technology investment.
“Kornit has been doing their best to put us in contact with key players in the industry – different brands, different potential customers – to develop new projects and ultimately produce,” he says.
Following the successful integration of Kornit technology into his production operations, Oliveira has planned to scale his operation to grow into its current facility, increasing volumes and thus necessitating additional Kornit machines. He believes textiles must and will acclimate to an on-demand fulfillment model, with technologies like Kornit’s providing a critical platform for meeting that industry challenge.
“We are proud to be among Kornit’s set of manufacturers, and keen to use this technology, which we are confident will help us embrace and prepare for where the industry needs to go,” says Oliveira, noting that the increased demand for sustainable solutions was and remains key to his investment decisions.
Reflecting his commitment to eco-conscious operations, Wonder Raw offers its customers 100% organic raw materials for their collections.
“The textile industry has a huge footprint, and needs a more demand-driven model,” he says. “We need to tackle these challenges, the demand for quality products, the demand for circular products and manufacturing processes. Kornit Atlas MAX and Presto MAX were basically the most sustainable technologies we could offer our customers.”
Kornit’s high-quality output is such that Oliveira believes his operation can fulfill on behalf of any brand commonly known to the public, and has already done so for more than a few of them.


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