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Dataline announces its presence at FESPA 2021 in Amsterdam 12th - 15th October. The European market leader in ERP/MIS business software for print production companies will showcase MultiPress as the optimum answer for printers searching for the best modular software to automate the administration and production processes of their sign and large-format printing companies.

Business software tailored to sign and large-format printing companies
At FESPA 2021, Dataline will demonstrate how the intelligent MultiPress system can support every step in the large-format production process. Dirk Deroo, CEO of Dataline, explains: "To achieve business growth sign and large-format printing companies of today are moving forward and investing in the very best innovative solutions. They are looking to choose professional ERP/MIS software systems which are tailored for the sign and large format sector in which automation and integration are central. This is the only way to meet the growing challenges of competitive pricing, time management and staff shortages while ensuring efficiency and profitability."
Central modules in MultiPress are:
Estimating and Calculations: MultiPress intelligently calculates all production costs and times for printing, finishing and installation and goes beyond standard prices per square meter
Planning and production: all CRM and order information is seamlessly transferred to planning and production, making the production process extremely transparent
Finance and Dashboards: MultiPress connects effortlessly with all financial and accounting software. In-depth reports and insightful dashboards give real-time control of your business.
In addition, MultiPress offers modules for client management, material management, e-business, shipping and installation. The MultiPress software architecture can be designed as a modular solution for each unique business. MultiPress can be expanded at any time to meet new business needs and grow with your team.
Connections to certified partners for higher levels of automation
MultiPress also offers a wide range of connections with hardware and software from certified partners. These links and integrations are designed to further automate the workflow:
Accounting and invoicing: Scansys, Exact, Creditsafe, ...
E-business: Pressero, Magento, Prindustry, Woo, ...
Prepress, print and finishing: Probo, Igepa, Antalis, Vink, NautaSign, Callas, Caldera, Agfa, Enfocus, Tilia Labs (Phoenix - Griffin), HP, SwissQPrint, Roland, ...
Logistics and delivery: Bumbal, SendCloud and nshift (formerly Transsmart, Unifaun and Consignor), ...
MultiPress innovations in the spotlight
Dataline showcases a range of MultiPress innovations aimed at further automating workflow for sign and large-format printing companies:
Installation App: this handy app supports installers in following up every large format project through to installation with feedback from the centrally-managed project in MultiPress.
Campaign management: Sign companies can receive numerous jobs consisting of many and often different complexities. This tool allows internal staff to add such large jobs and manage them all efficiently through to production easier and faster.
Expedition management: The transport manager can list the delivery lines, organise them by mode and export them so that the courier software can use them for further processing. MultiPress is capable of integrating with the most important shipping platforms such as nshift (formerly Transsmart, Consignor and Unifaun) and SendCloud.
Calculation Wizard: Even the most complex quotations can be calculated quickly with the MultiPress Calculation Wizard. The order calculator selects the raw materials, printing processes and finishing forms based on carefully prepared presets. In the background, the complete calculation and quotation are created.
Prepress and production automation:
MultiPress Connect App for Enfocus Switch: The new MultiPress Connect app for Enfocus' Switch platform allows MultiPress to enter customer and order data at various points in the graphic workflow, and to feed status updates back to MultiPress. With this app all stored information from MultiPress can be automatically linked to a job in Switch.
MultiFlow brings further optimisation and automation within MultiPress. Users can automate manual actions and repetitive tasks with the help of simple flow charts.
Callas Preflight and Check and Repair: Correct and print-ready PDFs are crucial for efficient production. Therefore, the detection of errors in preflight should not be overlooked. Dataline works together with Callas and their PDF toolbox is integrated into MultiPress. An order is then ready for production with just a few clicks.
E-business: more and more sign and large-format printing companies have a webshop. How do you ensure that your webshop is not a timesink? An integration with MultiPress will guarantee no time is wasted as your webshop will always show up-to-date prices and delivery times and online orders will seamlessly be included in the planning.
Extensive distribution in Europe
Dataline is the market leader in the Benelux and continues to grow in 24 countries in Europe thanks to a network of certified channel partners. At FESPA, a range of channel partners represent Dataline, including Nachschub Tinte (Germany), Integart (Poland), Network Innovation Solutions (Scandinavia), Symbol (Adriatic), (Adriatic), and Cyan (Spain).
Dirk Deroo concludes: "There is a good reason why MultiPress has become the most popular business software for signage and large format. Generic project management software and other island solutions do not meet the specific requirements of this sector. MultiPress offers the powerful and future-oriented solution they need."


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